Fibreglass Recycling Europe

The brand Fibreglass Recycling Europe stands for the collection, transport and residue-free recycling of GRP waste. An innovative recycling process is used to process GRP waste into a high-quality substitute for the cement industry. The significant advantage of this sustainable process is that no residue is left. This recycling process guarantees a 100 percent use of GRP waste.


Fibreglass Recycling Europe provides the user with the complete service from one source - from collection to complete recycling. In each of our partner countries, you will find a contact person who will provide you with a perfect solution close to your location.


Companies, which contractually agree on the disposal of GRP waste through Fibreglass Recycling Europe, will have an added value. They can use the Fibreglass Recycling Europe label to mark the environmentally-friendly and sustainable recycling of their products. Labels for print or online use or even stamping the products are possible.


With the Fibreglass Recycling Europe brand, we set new standards in recycling GRP waste. It is a process, which is in harmony with users and the environment, and which produces a sustainable effect by recycling waste in an environmentally compatible and clean manner.


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GRP production waste

Waste from the production of glass-fibre reinforced plastic materials, such as: pultrusion profiles, gas tanks, pipes, circuit boards, lorry spoilers, washbasins, cable ducts, tanks, boxes, light grids, structural components, doors, etc.

GRP end-of-life waste

End-of-life waste, such as rotor blades, is presumably the largest pieces of waste and requires special logistics. We offer you the possibility of chopping up the rotor blades on site in a clean way, to transport them away and to utilise them in an environmentally-friendly manner. Complete service from one source.

GRP dust

This type of waste develops during the production of GRP components and is produced by processing, such as grinding, sawing, drilling and milling these products. This processing work is carried out under aspiration of the dusts. The aspirated dust is either pressed into briquettes or packed loosely in big bags.

Product liability

With respect to product responsibility, Section 23 of the German Law on Life-Cycle Management states: “Any party developing, producing, processing or selling products shall be responsible for the product”. The party is responsible for the environmentally compatible utilization of all materials used. In this respect, glass fibre places an especially high responsibility on the manufacturer and distributor. The irritant effect of the substance requires extreme care and additional protection during the manufacturing process.

By applying Fibreglass Recycling Europe, you will shoulder this responsibility. We offer the complete service of recycling glass-fibre waste guaranteeing 100 percent utilization: from volume and material analysis on site, transport to the closest certified recycling facility and up to the complete utilization of the substitute.


We support you in your product liability!